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Ways to avoid disputes

Avoiding Disputes and Chargebacks

Sometimes Cardmembers question transactions that appear on their Card Account Statements. This can lead to disputed charges and chargebacks from your Merchant Account. To help avoid this:

  • Work with us to ensure your trading name appears correctly on all statements
  • Always keep records of all sales, and itemised transactions
  • Always have return/exchange policies or terms and conditions at invoice during the time of sale
  • Always obtain an Authorisation Approval code
  • Provide as much information as possible if Cardmembers enquire
  • Do not re-swipe Cards until the terminal says so
  • Never split charges
  • If you make an error, call us immediately on American Express Authorisation Numbers given for your country, so we can help

Inform Customers place

Advise Cardmembers of your return policy for damaged and unwanted goods or cancellations of any kind. If possible, obtain the Cardmember's signature on the Return Policy.

Help the Cardmember recognise the transactions

  • Ensure your trading name appears correctly on Cardmember statements. To check we hold your correct trading name, email your American Express Relationship Manager.
  • Provide as much detail as possible (like the hotel room number, for example).

Follow security procedures

  • Check if the Card is not altered, damaged or expired.
  • Always obtain a valid authorisation code for the full value of the transaction.
  • Never split a charge to avoid your floor limit threshold or to skip authorisation.
  • Be suspicious of purchases with different delivery and billing addresses, orders for large numbers of identical items, and requests for immediate delivery of expensive items.
  • Always prioritise Chip and Pin procedure for chip card. The terminal will give further instruction on how to proceed with the transaction(s).
  • Ensure the signature on terminal receipt(s) is matching with the signature at the back of card.

Be methodical

  • Ensure you keep all your records of sales and charges for 12 months, including signed receipts for delivery items.
  • Provide all supporting documents, as specified in the 'Request for Information' notification, within the stated timeframe

Learn about chargebacks without a "Request for Information" Letter

There may be certain circumstances where we will make a chargeback without sending a 'Request for Information' notification or letter (for example, with Merchants who receive a lot of disputes, or where a Cardmember provides proof of a refund that hasn't been processed to their account.