Introducing your new Contactless Card

What is contactless?

Contactless allows you to make safe and secure payments with a simple tap, so that you never have to queue up to pay again.
Whenever you find contactless symbol, wherever you are in the world, touch your Card on the payment terminal, wait for the beep and you're ready to go.

Contactless is just as secure as Chip and PIN, and you're covered by the same fraud protection and guarantees.

How to use your contactless card?

Step 1:

Check if your Card has the contactless symbol

Step 2:

Look for the contactless symbol displayed at the merchants payment terminals

Step 3:

Touch your Card on the payment terminal

Step 4:

Wait for the confirmation beep
- it's as simple as that

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Contactless Payment FAQs

What does and mean?

The Contactless Indicator on a card means it can make contactless payments. The Contactless Indicator on the payment terminal means a merchant accepts contactless payments.

The Contactless Symbol is where you tap your contactless card on the point of sales terminal to make a payment.

How does contactless actually work?

Contactless works through short-range wireless technology. The card machine picks up a signal from your Card when it's very close to it.


Check if your Card has the contactless symbol


Look for the contactless symbol displayed at the merchants payment terminals


Touch your Card on the payment terminal


Wait for the confirmation beep - it's as simple as that

How do I know if my Card is contactless?

In your Card, look for the contactless symbol on its back and/or front.

Is my American Express® contactless Card secure?

Yes, it's very secure. Our contactless Cards use the same encryption technology as our chip and PIN Cards.

I carry more than one contactless Card - which one will be used if I touch my wallet or purse to the payment terminal?

We don't recommend tapping your wallet or purse on the payment terminal if you have more than one contactless Card in it. Take out your American Express contactless Card and touch that to the terminal instead.

I've received a contactless Card; can I choose to have a Chip and PIN Card instead?

Your contactless Card is also a Chip and PIN Card. You decide how you use your Card, so simply tell the retailer you'd prefer not to use contactless.

My Card seems to have stopped working for contactless payments?

Not all merchants accept contactless. You can ask the sales person at the shops or check that payment terminal is enabled for American Express contactless payments by looking for the contactless symbol. If it is but your Card isn't working, please contact us on +973 17 557755

Can I use my contactless Card abroad?

You can use your contactless Card abroad in all shops that display the contactless and American Express logos. The contactless transaction limit without the need to enter your PIN varies in each country.

Can I still collect rewards on my Card?

Yes, your contactless purchases are eligible for rewards like any other transaction

Why can't I see the transaction I made today on my Account?

All payments, including contactless payments, can take up to 48 hours to be processed and appear on your statement. You should still be able to monitor your transactions through the transaction SMS and transaction alert on your mobile app.

Will I receive a receipt for my payments?

Contactless payments are designed to let you make inexpensive purchases quickly and conveniently, so you won't always be offered a receipt. Although, most retail staff will be happy to give you one if you ask.

If my Card is lost or stolen, what would my liability be?

All our customers are covered through our Fraud Protection Guarantee. However, you will be liable until you report to us the Card to be lost or stolen. After reporting, we will take the necessary actions to block the card and will be liable for any transactions that will go through.

Can I use my card in transit terminals i.e. metro station, bus stations etc.

Yes, your card can be used in transit terminals in which the Contactless symbol is displayed.

Will I receive a transaction SMS for contactless transactions?


What is the maximum amount for contactless transactions?

It depends on the terminal, however, most of the terminal will not have a maximum limit for contactless transactions with PIN, it will be the same as the maximum amount you can do a normal transaction.

Is there a different PIN for contactless transactions?

No, the same PIN will be used for both contact and contactless transactions.

Is there a daily limit on the number of contactless transactions I can perform in a day?

No, you can use your Contactless card for as many transactions a day as regular transactions.

Can I disable the contactless feature on my card?

No, contactless feature is in-built in your card and you do not have an option to turn off or disable the functionality but you have the option to insert the card and enter your PIN.

Can I use my contactless card for ATM transactions?

Yes, your card can be used for ATM withdrawals as contact method or at ATM’s that support contactless technology.

How will contactless purchases appear on my monthly statement?

Your contactless purchases will be appearing as normal transactions in your monthly statement.

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