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The American Express Corporate Card is not just an efficient way to pay for your business expenses, but is a complete expense management solution. It helps Companies like yours to compete more effectively in the marketplace by optimising spend.

Control Workforce Control Workforce

Centrally manage your employees; on the go purchases and travel booking

Payment Solutions Payment Solutions

Manage vendor payments to save time and free up cash flow

Customize Your Program Customize Your Program

Our Business Consultants can provide support that is tailed for your business needs

Corporate Card

The American Express Corporate Card

Simple. Streamlined. Smart


The American Express Corporate Card is not just an efficient way to pay for your business expenses, but is a complete expense management solution. It helps Companies like yours to compete more effectively in the marketplace by optimising spend.

Benefit from:

  • Greater control of expenses
  • Higher visibility of spend
  • Significant savings from expenses
  • More efficiency and streamlined payment processes
  • Fabulous rewards and benefits for individual Cardmembers

Maximize Control

You can exercise greater control with an additional layer of security by applying spending limits to individual Cardmembers.

These are some of the limits that you can apply in order to have a greater degree of control on your business expenses:

  • Overall spend limits on each Card: Set individual spending limits for each Card, depending on specific employee needs. For example, a Sales Manager may require a high spend limit to cover frequent airfares and hotels, compared to your Human Resource Manager.
  • Cash limit: Cash limit caps the amount that can be withdrawn from ATMs and can be set at a Cardmember level.
  • Transaction limit: Limit the amount that an employee can charge to the Card at any one time.
  • Relationship limit: Fix a maximum combined amount that can be spent by employees linked in a relationship within the hierarchy in any one month (or cycle). For example, the Company’s Human Resource Team may not require a high spend amount versus the Sales Team.
  • Industry/Merchant limits: These limits allow employees to spend only at certain merchants or industries. The dollar value transacted at any merchant can also be set on the basis of your Company’s requirements.

Drive Savings

Every expense that your Company incurs comes with potential savings. With the American Express Corporate Card you can drive significant savings across practically all your business expenses – from hotel stays, air travel and dining to car rentals, office supplies and even telecom.

While you work hard for your Company’s growth, your Corporate Card works equally hard to drive savings and benefits to you and your Company.

American Express Offers
We’ve put together an exciting bouquet of privileges, offers and discounts just for you, especially when it comes to your client’s entertainment costs. So with your Card, you save on travel, leisure, dining, shopping and a host of other related expenses.

To view our latest Cardmember offers, click here or through your AMEX Middle East Mobile App

Employee Benefits

At American Express, we understand that employees are the backbone of every Company. Recognising and rewarding their hard work is therefore an important part of the way you conduct business.

Travel Benefits:
Airport Lounge Access:
The American Express® Corporate Card brings you enhanced travel experience by offering lounge access throughout the world. This means you will enjoy the following Priority PassTM benefits:

  • 8 complimentary visits per annum to Priority Pass™  lounges.
  • Access to more than 1,200 lounges across 130 countries.
  • Easy access to lounges with Priority Pass™  Mobile App.
Upon exceeding the number of visits or accompanying guests, a charge of US$ 32 per person will apply. Enroll your Card via the Amex mobile application or log in to the online services.

Travel Insurance:
Your business travellers will take up to USD100,000 of Travel Accident Insurance on every trip, as well as Travel Inconvenience Insurance and Personal Possession Insurance.

Online Services
With Online Services, Employees can register for convenient online access to their Corporate Card account. Online Services provides options such as:

  • Activate your Card
  • Update your contact details
  • Set alert preferences for SMS and Email
  • American Express iPhone & Android App
    As a Corporate Cardmember, employees can enjoy the ease and convenience of accessing their accounts with a swipe of a finger with the new and improved American Express Middle East App. Employees can simply download the app to your Android™ or iOS device and manage their account details, stay on top of their benefits, and get updates on new offers anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

    Emergency Services

  • Cash Access: Corporate Cash™* allows your employees to withdraw cash from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide.
  • Emergency Card Replacement: If lost or stolen we will replace your Card usually within 48 hours of notification.
  • Global Assist™: The Global Assist Hotline (+44 (0) 845 456 6524)  can quickly put Cardmembers in touch with an English speaking doctor or lawyer when assistance is most required.
  • Globally Managed

    American Express understands the complexities and challenges of doing business on a global scale. We've also worked with some of the world's biggest and best companies to effectively manage their Corporate Card programmes. That experience, backed by local knowledge and global insight, allows us to deliver a superior level of business insight and consultative expertise.

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    Online Services
    Company Liability
    Individual Liability
    Joint and Several Liability
    Travel Insurance Policy

    Payment Solutions

    The American Express Corporate Purchasing Card

    Stay in control of your company's expenses


    The American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card is a simple solution that can help improve process efficiencies, while providing employees and departments with a convenient way to make low cost business purchases. The Corporate Purchasing Card gives businesses greater visibility over indirect spend. It offers flexible spend limits, enhanced data, streamlined payment processes and improved cash flow – all through one centralised account.

    Efficiency and Savings

    Purchasing Cards can help reduce the time and money it takes to manage purchase-order spending.

    Benefit from new opportunities to drive savings across all business units, with:

    Faster processes
    Paperless processes and consolidated payments eliminate costs related to multiple invoices.

    Increased visibility
    Rich data analysis for comparison and consolidation of suppliers across business units.

    Procurement discounts
    Detailed reports on spending patterns help inform decisions and identify negotiation opportunities with suppliers.

    Efficiency savings
    Elimination of late payments through heightened visibility and simplified process.

    Optimise cash flow and payment terms
    Faster payments to suppliers, up to 60 days extended credit terms and one centralised account for all business units.

    Management Tools

    Spend can be restricted to preferred suppliers to ensure compliance and eliminate Card misuse.

    With the American Express Purchasing Card, you can protect against out-of-policy spend and fraud, whilst reducing approval process periods with customised purchasing controls. You can maintain and set spending limits by transaction or per month, and set variable spending limits to ensure that unforeseen charges do not prevent your employees from completingtransactions.


    Dedicate Cards by department, supplier or specific projects. You can customise spending limits and expiration dates according to your company’s preferences and business needs.

    The American Express Corporate Purchasing Solution offers customization of spending limits to help ensure compliance with internal policies, including:

    • Preferred Supplier list
    • Preferred Supplier Threshold
    • Overall Limit
    • Transaction Limit
    • Cap Limit
    • Industry Limit
    • Revolving Limit
    • Monthly Limit

    Streamlined Reconciliation

    Online account reconciliation functions for faster management of the Corporate Purchasing Solutions.

    The Purchasing Card can help you simplify purchasing processes by consolidating expenses into one easy payment.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduced purchasing costs
    • Improved control over your purchasing procedures
    • Simplified data management and regulatory compliance processes
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Improve cash flow management and working capital

    Schedule of Fees & Charges
    Terms & Conditions
    CPC Online Portal

    Business Travel Account


    The Business Travel Account (BTA) is an easy-to-use and effective tool for managing your Corporate travel expenses. The BTA can be used by your company to charge T&E expenses for infrequent travelers, consultants, job candidates, and even large groups traveling on company business. It can be used by any travel agency that your company designates.

    • Combines your travel expenses into a single, centrally billed account
    • Enhanced visibility provides you maximum control over expenses assisting in saving time and money

    Maximize Control

    Effectively monitor and manage traveller’s expenses by consolidating your travel expenditures into one account, one bill, one payment.

    Automate processing, allocation and payment of expenses with optional electronic data files to streamline processes.

    Drive Savings

    Improve cash flow with up to 56 days interest free extended credit.

    Gain visibility into travel expenditure to help drive negotiations with key suppliers.

    Streamline monthly statements with a simplified reconciliation Complimentary travel insurance.

    Employee Benefits

    Protect your travellers with Business Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Insurance - no need to purchase individual traveler insurance per trip.

    Peace of mind and protection for your travellers with Global Assist® Hotline - call toll free in the U.S., or collect when abroad, and get help finding medical, legal, financial and emergency assistance.

    Save Time

    View and pay your online statement through The BTA portal for quick and easy access to billing information - Learn more about BTA Online Statements.

    Integrate American Express BTA reconciliation solutions into existing systems with ease.

    Schedule of Fees and Charges
    Terms and Conditions
    Insurance Policy
    BTA Portal 
    Travel Management Company BTA Portal

    Virtual Payment


    Enhanced Spend Control and Less Administration

    vPayment is a virtual solution that allows you to generate single-use account numbers that facilitate secure and efficient payment for hotels. It provides you with granular control of your expenses, reduces paperwork and errors, enhances security and offers an opportunity for online spend analysis.

    Maximize Control

    vPayment Network allows you to specify controls on each transaction.

    • Limits exposure to incorrect hotel rates or items by controlling the absolute value of the charge (e.g. mini bar charges)
    • Limits exposure to abuse in/outside the hotel by controlling the spend category, and limiting validity of accounts
    • Ensures only the room rates are included on hotel stays

    Drive Savings

    vPayment helps save you time while it handles the transactions. By capturing accounting data for each transaction, it reduces manual data entry or data tracking, making reconciliation easier. vPayment also improves your accounting information for later reporting or analysis by integrating any additional supplier-provided data. Reduce costs of your procure-to-pay cycle with one payment per corporate programme

    Convenient Implementation

    vPayment Network helps improve processes and relationship with hotels.

    • Allows retention of existing procedures for entering charges, existing contract or pricing structures
    • Leverages existing merchant relationships with American Express
    • Enhances settlement arrangements compared to invoice processing

    Effective Reconciliation

    All payments have a unique reference ensuring your clients can easily reconcile and allocate all charges.

    • Automates matching of charge to booking via the unique reference allocated on booking
    • Enhances the analysis of charges by additional references for each transaction
    • Eases query handling with hotels and minimises the risk of charge errors

    Schedule of Fees and Charges
    Terms and Conditions
    vPayment Portal

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