Offering a range of products and solutions to help you

Offering a range of products and solutions to help you

Selecting a business card can be a challenging task. American Express can simplify the process by providing benefits that are applicable to both your company and your employees

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Payment Solutions

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Corporate Card

The American Express® Corporate Card

Simple. Streamlined. Smart.

The American Express® Corporate Card is not just an efficient way to pay for your business expenses but is a complete expense management solution. It helps companies, like yours, compete more effectively in the marketplace by optimising spend.

The American Express® Company Card

Simple. Streamlined. Smart

Manage your cash flow over short periods and have the buying power for large business purchases with The American Express® Company Card. If you're looking for a flexible spending limit, consider this card.

Payment Solutions

The American Express Corporate Purchasing Card

Stay in control of your company's expenses

The American Express Corporate Purchasing Card is a simple solution that can help improve process efficiencies, while providing employees and departments with a convenient way to make low-cost business purchases. The Corporate Purchasing Card gives businesses greater visibility over indirect spends. It offers flexible spend limits, enhanced data, streamlined payment processes, and improved cash flow – all through one centralised account.

Business Travel Account

The Amex Business Travel Account (BTA) is an easy-to-use and effective tool for managing your corporate travel expenses. The Business Travel Account can be used by your company to charge T&E expenses for infrequent travellers, consultants, job candidates, and even large groups traveling on company business. It can be used by any travel agency that your company designates.

Virtual Payment

Enhanced Spend Control and Less Administration

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